Ever a student, a teacher evolves

Throughout our lives we are constantly growing, learning and discovering. From the moment we take our first walks, to the structured system of schooling before stumbling into the real world and our adult lives, we never stop growing. As a woman who is a strong proponent of sharing your strengths with the world, I thought it was time I brought my own expertise to my clients and community. I am extremely excited to announce the addition of workshops to the boutique career I have created. Bringing my expertise and skills to those searching for a way to expand their mentality and abilities to better themselves, is an undertaking I have been passionate about for years. If you are someone who finds themselves looking to expand their knowledge of technology, branding or even your own mindset to a higher level, I am want to help guide you to a new level.

My constantly curious mind has taken me in the direction of books, classes and real life experiences to encompass a mentality far beyond what I had ever expected. I’ve taken many concrete informative classes like Marie Forleo’s nationally acclaimed B-School business course, Derek Halpern’s seminal blogging course, Laura Roeder’s Creating Fame and Google’s SEO training course. I studied pyschodrama with Dr. Tian Dayton for two intense years, and am currently enrolled in a creative arts therapy certification course. I’m also self-taught in aspects of design and programming – if there is a skill I need to learn, I immediately seek a way to learn something new and expand my awareness. My practical experience in the professional realm – working in the art departments of Jack Morton Worldwide, Simon & Schuster publishing and the web design offices of Bulgari – molded my mindset from that of a student to that of a teacher.


Currently I offer workshops in Vision Mapping, Digital Marketing, Blogging 101 and Brand Styling. Vision Mapping Workshops bring together the unconscious mindset with visual imagery to bring to light your untapped desires and needs. Together I will coach you through transcending the superficial imagery that block us throughout our everyday lives to truly bring to light the deep rooted desires within yourself. Since 2002, I have hosted vision mapping session with friends, family and groups with incredible success rates. My training with Dr. Tian Dayton helped bring this to an even more expansive level. This past year I brought vision mapping to an even larger scale as I worked with Valerie Simon, LCSW, PAT, during our premiere Restart Retreats, where participants spent four days in Tuscany in an intense authenticity-themed weekend experience. Creative arts therapy has guided me countlessly throughout my own life.

Your needs within your life are constantly changing and sometimes your head is clear, but your professional life needs updating. Digital Marketing, Blogging 101 and Personal Branding can take you to the next level in your business in simple, clear actionable steps provided in my workshops. Receiving help, or even growing your knowledge of the business world in these fields could be imperative to developing your skillsets even further. My career demands that I stay atop the digital sphere with constantly changing technology trends and devices and thus I have learned to keep my own business’ vitality strong. Together I will work with you to develop your unique selling point and develop prowess in your specific field. I’m proud of the way I’ve broken down all aspects of digital marketing in simple, relatable actions for my clients.

It has never been a foreign concept to me to bring my aptitude to others who are seeking it in their own lives. Providing workshops on an international level has been an exploration that I have undertaken for years. I am so excited to take this to an even higher level to help others while flourishing my teaching skills. This chapter falls into the perfect time of my life and I cant wait to bring it to yours!

Visit my workshops page. And stay tuned for more on this topic in 2017.