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I’m here to jump start you with inspiration on a few of my favorite topics. I invite you to join me in a workshop, private consultation or online class on these favorites. 

“With Claudia, the writer’s mind is in sync with the artist’s heart –and magic occurs!”

– Rene, fashion designer

Seeking leaders and change-makers

Introducing Open City

Practical, Spiritual, Artistic, Business, Personal, Pleasure… Open City experiences provides leadership in all areas of mastery.

If you have a unique message to share with others, please be in touch to propose your workshop. Open City experiences is a hub for seekers and those who desire to expand their consciousness and abilities.

If you have a course to teach or a group to lead, I’d like to hear about it!
Please contact me by email to share your idea.

Photography Workshops

There is beauty surrounding Rome wherever you turn. Walking the cobblestone streets you will find beauty on every corner, sign and sight you see. Having the ability to capture this beauty in it’s true essence is a skill few have. For years, my husband Mauro Benedetti, and his team of professional photographers, have shared their passion for street photography to others via Rome Photography Workshop. With a passion for the Eternal City guiding their lenses, Mauro and his team provide workshops to help anyone learn how to capture the splendor of Rome at any time of day. Mauro’s experience and knowledge in photography is seen in all his works, and he has even brought this knowledge in a book about Street Photography coming out soon. Whether you have never held a camera before, or if you have had years of practice, Rome Photography Workshops will help you capture and share the essence of Rome in stunning photographs.

For more information on these workshops and Mauro’s work simply click here.

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