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Join Me on an Unforgettable Journey Introducing the art book 100 Iconics/Poetics

Welcome to my world, where art is an extraordinary tapestry of emotions and innovation. I am thrilled to invite you on an exclusive journey with 100 Iconics/Poetics, my one-of-a-kind art book, a collection that unveils the fusion of hand-drawn sketches, paintings, and digital elements I created from 2011-2023. Together, let us dive into a realm that blurs the lines between traditional and contemporary art, in a way that I hope ignites your imagination 

Captivating Artistry Preview the Book

From the Introduction by Chadwick Ciocci

Claudia Palmira’s artworks and the subsequent compilation found in these pages is not merely the result of decades of intense work at study, creating and fabricating. It would be accurately described as a culmination of her life’s work up until this point, and, in a sense, the culmination of thousands of years of mythology, religion, nature and art history that meets in her soul and bends life in her oeuvre.

She brings us back more than two thousand years to the pre-Christian era and to the myths that ruled civilization at the time, then vaults to the Renaissance to remind us how those myths endured and why they did so in a contemporary way that appeals to the modern eye – a strategy that the greatest artists have had to wrestle with to accomplish. 

– Chadwick Ciocci

This art book is presented in a large A4 landscape size, allowing each page spread to showcase the author’s personal comments on the left and the corresponding artwork on the right. With a total of 212 pages, you’ll have ample space to delve into the depths of her artistic process and gain a deeper understanding of the emotions and inspirations behind each creation. The cover features the artist’s hand painted lettering. 

Like a diary, meticulously curated month after month, these artworks create a profound and captivating chronology, inviting you to witness the evolution of Claudia Palmira’s artistic journey.

This art book compiles the work on a single project that embodies her passion and imagination over the span of 11 years, fusing hand-drawn sketches, paintings and calligraphy.

Artist's Story How the series came to be


How it began

As I reflect on my artistic journey, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the path that led me to digital collage. From a young age, I was captivated by art and its ability to express the soulful aspect of the human experience. The Iconics/Poetics series began with a close friend. She entrusted me with a special request that would set my creative spirit ablaze. I eagerly accepted the challenge of creating a graphic to accompany her essay about a poem – Wild Geese – delving headfirst into the realm of digital art. The process of bringing disparate elements together to create something entirely new and evocative fascinated me like never before. The image I crafted for my friend resonated deeply with her, and I felt an overwhelming sense of fulfillment.

A collage each month

Encouraged by this success, I made the decision to share my artwork with the world. I began uploading my creations, hoping to connect with those who appreciated my vision. To my delight, people started visiting my website and expressing their admiration for my work. The positive feedback became a catalyst for my artistic journey, fueling my determination to continue exploring the possibilities of digital collage. I found solace in knowing that my art had touched the hearts of others and sparked emotions within them.

Driven by my passion and the support of my growing audience, I established a monthly ritual of sharing my latest digital collages with those who appreciated my art. Each month, I poured my soul into creating pieces that carried their unique message and narrative, striving to push the boundaries of my creativity further. Over the years, my monthly releases evolved into the series Iconics/Poetics. Each collage in the series became a symphony of elements, intricately woven together to evoke emotions and provoke introspection. They became a reflection of my experiences, emotions, and the places I had encountered on my artistic journey.

The series on exhibition

Little did I know that my dedication and artistic exploration would catch the attention of a curator in New York City. I was honored to receive an unexpected email inviting me to showcase my series in a prestigious exhibition, not only in New York but eventually also in Rome, Naples and Greenwich, CT. From this opportunity, my works came out of the digital realm and into print. I chose to print them in limited edition, numbered “digital etchings” on luminous acrylic. I wanted the layers and colors to shine through a reflective surface, which added a contemporary vibe to my works, which were often capturing ancient imagery. The juxtaposition was appropriate, as I transcended time with these collages.

Reaching 100

Iconics/Poetics became more than just a collection of collages; it became a gateway into a world of wonder and contemplation. I aimed to transport viewers, inviting them to find their own connections with the world through my art. Each piece carried its own story, inviting introspection and sparking curiosity. With the discipline of creating one each month since 2011, I realized that I would have 100 in the collection by 2023. 

The Book

As I embark on the journey of creating this art book, I am filled with a sense of purpose and excitement. I hope that through these pages, readers will join me on an exploration of emotions, a quest for self-discovery, and a celebration of the transformative power of art. Let us embark on this journey together, weaving a tapestry of emotions and inviting others to find their own connections with the world through the creation of this art book.

–Claudia Palmira

Buy Directly from the Artist

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Own a Piece of Iconics/Poetics

Whether you choose the remarkable art book that unveils the author’s personal comments and showcases each artwork in all its glory, or the limited edition print on acrylic that brings the transformative energy of the Iconics series into your own space, this is your chance to embrace the artistic fusion that defines her series. Of course you may also have both!

Let your choice be a testament to your passion for art, your appreciation for innovation, and your desire to surround yourself with beauty that transcends boundaries. Purchase your copy of the book and select your limited edition print on acrylic now, and join Claudia Palmira on this extraordinary journey of artistic exploration and self-expression.

Together, let us unveil the magic of 100 Iconics/Poetics and create a lasting connection to the world of art that will inspire and captivate for generations to come. Reserve your exclusive collection today and step into a realm where imagination knows no bounds.

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