Digital Marketing

Understanding online branding in social media and email channels

The world of digital media is a constantly changing environment with technology trends and devices moving at rapid paces. If you’re the kind of person who takes their time before committing to new technology trends and devices (a late adopter), you probably make very sane choices about your tech investments. However, this calculated thinking may put you at a disadvantage in the digital marketing world. Whether you are confused about the multiple digital streams now offered, or simply need a refresher on the digital trends, I can provide you with the tools and understanding you need to navigate the tech world. With simple and entertaining context I can help you maneuver the proper avenues to bring the strongest digital marketing to your business.

Let\’s create your digital marketing strategy

Let me put the online promotional world into context for you in simple and fun ways. I’ll answer all your questions and break it down in the most straightforward way possible.


The process is very simple. We get together for about an hour to discuss your business in the context of these online marketing areas:

  • Branding
    What does your brand look, sound and interact like when it\’s out in social media land? You\’re purpose it not to create chatter, noise or clutter – but to serve your audience. Let\’s make a plan for this and set you on the right track
  • Social Media
    The \”gist\” of each social media stream, how to choose your streams, where your clients hang out and how to gather them through social
  • Email newsletters / optins / list strategies
    All you need to know about the opt-in, setting up your list, what to offer, how to cultivate it and what to send your subscribers
  • Search Engine Optimization
    What is it? How to optimize your site, how to \”register\” with search engines, and more

And more
During this session, I\’m here to answer your questions and strategize with you on how to best use what\’s available online for your success

Sessions take place in Rome or on Skype.

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Bring your brand into the 21st century and bring the business you deserve. By keeping up to date with your clients, and bringing in new ones I will help your brand across all digital platforms.
Let’s make your marketing platform phenomenal together.

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