Blogging 101

An easy approach to creating an awesome content stream

Our brands and businesses cannot begin to grow if we do not incorporate the necessary avenues to get them there. One of the strongest ways to let the world see what your brand is through consistent content and communication. In today’s digital era a blog is the perfect way to accomplish this. You might be thinking “but I’m not a writer” and that’s okay! Regardless of your skills and practices, I will work to help you bring your brand to life. I have created a simple and effective approach to creating content. In my how-to session we will create a strategy, creative brief and will brainstorm creatively to bring your website and content the brand recognition it needs. Whether it is written, filmed, recorded or photographed, we will cultivate your personal brand’s online presence.

How to blog, what to blog and why

Let’s demystify the process of creating content online. This is a blogging workshop for non-writers that shows you concrete methods of adding life to your site through blogging. This workshop also functions for those with a dormant blog – one that was created and never tended to.

What You Get

This workshop is designed for groups, businesses and individuals.

I will break down and simplify the process of developing an effective digital brand identity. Regardless of the skills you currently have I will help you to develop topics, ideas and content to bring your authentic self to the digital world. My how-to session will include:

  • Personal strategy recognition
  • Analysis of current / future content stream
  • In-depth brainstorming session
  • A minimum of 10 blog post ideas
  • An action plan for your blog
  • An editorial calendar just for you

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Start growing your business and authenticity to your target audience in the digital world. You deserve the best culmination to present yourself to the world.
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