15 Years in Rome

October 2021 marks 15 years since I first flew from New York to Rome for my “one year abroad”. Here’s a short and definitely abbreviated list of 15 things I’ve achieved or learned in my professional life over this incredible phase – in no order.

  1. Re-established my Studio in a new town
  2. Became totally fluent in Italian – with special help from my Italian husband Mauro
  3. Adapted to the Roman attitude… yet will always be Newyorkese
  4. Worked with major Italian brands: Bulgari Hotels, Enel, the Vatican…
  5. Mentored and hosted dozens of study-abroad students in my agency
  6. Exhibited my work at the US Embassy in Rome.
  7. Created and evolved through a pandemic by offering online creative workshops for adults and children. Italy was one of the earliest countries impacted,and it felt like a war zone!
  8. Became the President of the Italian chapter of Mount Holyoke’s Alumnae society.
  9. Been featured on Italian radio, magazines, and TV.
  10. Initiatives galore: Created the Iconics/Poetics series, launched a design line Clù, edited the Italian Journal magazine for 13 amazing issues; founded the Rome Photography Workshop and later Open City experiences
  11. Worked with so many incredible small business and individuals – in the U.S. and in Rome. Most recently, Beacon Int’l – where I serve as the chief design officer.
  12. Embraced the city as a source of inspiration in my Maps of Time and Rome series
  13. Discovered my own version of Rome, and made a mini-site about it
  14. Became a mother! And then stage mother to my budding actor son
  15. Ongoing:  balancing between being a Mother, Entrepreneur and Artist – serving my community and others with heart

    Thank YOU for your support and friendship…