Uncommon Alumnae

As a Mount Holyoke College alumna, I’m increasingly proud that I graduated from one of the Seven Sisters Ivy League colleges. Even though women’s college graduates make up 2% of all college grads, they are more than twice as likely as graduates of coeducational colleges to receive doctoral degrees. More than 20% of women in Congress and 33% of women on Fortune 1000 boards graduated from a women’s college.

Over the years, I have always participated with Mt. Holyoke alumnae groups in both New York and Rome. Now, it is with huge pleasure, I accepted the nomination to be the head of the Alumnae in Italy and Country Delegate to the Mount Holyoke European Council. This truly promises to be an incredible new chapter, discovering the network of “uncommon women,” as the College calls its students and alums.

In 2021, it was also my joy to participate as a jury member in a photography competition called Uncommon Cameras, which also on Instagram. The photography entries, just like the women who took these photos, tell a beautiful and global story.

While I was attending Mount Holyoke I knew it was an unusual choice, but now with my own professional life, it’s wonderful to be able to engage with such a rich network of incredible women. People often ask why I chose an all-women’s institution in these modern times – should it really make a difference in the classroom? Initially, it was a “safe” choice, at the urging of over-protective parents. After a week on campus, though, I knew it was an extraordinary place – and yes, the ambience made a difference. From serving as president of the Art Board, as editor-in-chief of the College newspaper, to majoring in Art and Art History with a minor in Latin, Mt. Holyoke offered unforgettable experiences in and out of the classroom. I’m thrilled to keep passing the spirit of my education on in my work and community.