Branding After COVID-19 | Empathetic Connectivity

Throughout the past couple of months, the effects of COVID-19 on businesses have taken shape. New norms have emerged – and it is clear that our work (and more) has been irrevocably altered.

Recently, I was honored to have been a speaker at the virtual round table “Digital Empathy: Customer experience in a low touch economy“, sponsored by Oracle. What we concluded – what is so important right now for your business communications – I’ve summed up here:

        1. Make it easy for customers to access your content, find out what you do, get the information they need without fuss
        2. When possible, allow for customization / personalization of user experience
        3. Generic content is out. Acknowledge current events in your content streams: blogs, emails, social media. Get personal, show the backstage, share the “effort” behind the facade of your brand
        4. Share how current events have affected or changed your business – let your audience know the truth. Weighing in shows you’re present
        5. Be available for outreach and customer support – even if it means finding new tools to do this, like live chat on your site, a q&a zoom call

Honest, direct and open communication around COVID-19 and your brand is one of the most beneficial steps you can take. I invite you to take a look at your COVID-19 messaging with me. Together we can work through all the areas you might be needing to relay your message to your clients. Every brand is unique, and therefore your messaging will be customized to your identity and clientele. A few questions to ask yourself might be: 

        • Have I communicated how COVID-19 has affected my services?
        • Is this communicated on my website, emails, and social media?
        • Is it easy for my clients to contact my business?
        • Does my audience know what reopening looks like for my brand ?
        • Have I connected to my audience around current events?

If you would like to work on your empathetic messaging, new tools for your clients and updating your digital presence, contact me for either a safe in-person session in my new studio in Rome or a Zoom call from anywhere. Let’s brainstorm how you can best serve your clientele and collaborators at this time.