“They Talk to Me” | Ludovico + Film

As an #artistmother, I’m always especially proud when I get to celebrate my son’s creativity. My actor son Ludovico Benedetti has had the fortune of acting in several films to date in his short 11 years, each one completely unique. In his newest film, They Talk to Me, Ludovico had the opportunity to portray the younger version of the protagonist, who had experienced a horrific shock as a child.


Directed by Giorgio Bruno, the psychological thriller film, They Talk to Me, tells the story of Alex, a sound engineer, who accidentally records mysterious voices which leads him down a supernatural path confronting his own identity. From practicing screams for audition tapes to filming in the freezing, snow-covered mountains, this role in a horror film was a radically new experience for Ludovico – and for me, who accompanied him throughout the entire process.

The casting director, Alessandra Cartanese did a stunning job matching Ludovico as actor Jonathan Tufvesson’s child self. The resemblance was striking, and the two hit it off backstage as well. As we were filming in a remote mountainous region, the film’s cast and crew were all lodged in a rustic country resort. The hotel itself had an almost eerie vibe, evoking a renowned horror film set; but inside the halls of the hotel, the atmosphere was light camaraderie mixed with a sense of high creativity. The writers mingled with the stylists, and the actors with the “stage moms”, the costumistas with the dialect coach, while the producers found a way to get to know everyone around.

Released July 28, 2021, first in Italy and then worldwide, They Talk to Me is an introspective and intense film. My compliments to all involved in this amazing production – and the bravery of filming in the most challenging conditions.

And P.S. – if you are wondering when you see the film, whether the nun is truly engulfed in flames… we were witness to the stunt actor who lit himself on fire for the tremendous effect.