The Graphic Designer and You

As an entrepreneur, sometimes it can be hard to let go of what brought you to where you are. Just as the very business you created is a representation of you, so is every single element. But, just as you wouldn’t hire a copywriter to do your business accounting – your visual communication needs the  hand of a professional as well. This is where a graphic designer comes in.

A graphic designer creates the visual elements of your brand – the parts of your business that connect people to you. Visual communication standards are at an all-time high – everybody is looking at everything. What we designers do is put order to information presentation – through color, typography, spatiality and imagery. In other words, we show people what to look at first – where they need to click, what they need to remember.

With an abundance of image editing apps, fonts on every device, and interfaces that keep getting easier, it seems doable for many entrepreneurs to “whip up a logo” or figure out WordPress or Wix on their own time. But if you are seeking quality in any aspect of your life – from cooking to home design to your social media – authenticity always shines through and leaves an enduring positivity. Experience and talent combine to bring out something new, and understand an idea in a new light. For example, following a recipe does not make one a chef, even if the meal turns out ok.

Here’s some “ingredients” that a design studio like mine looks at and develops for each project.

Logo & Brand Style

One of the most recognizable aspects if your branding is your logo. The first thing every guest sees and thinks of. But a logo has what I call “behavior” – how does it appear in different contexts? What happens to background colors, how is the type arranged – what is the matching typography? From your packaging to your social media, there is a lot differentiation. Many companies order a style guide and all sorts of templates in addition to logo design. The logo is more than just a symbol or icon. View some logo designs by my studio.

Your Audience

Understanding the audience unique to each company or product is essential to a good graphic designer’s process – who, at our core, care deeply about communicating. I want to know all about your top client, or the ideal client – what are they looking for? Who are you competing against? What makes you special to your customer?

Making You Different

Care is a necessity in what can often feel in an ever-growing market. With social media, it can sometimes feel as if your idea has already been around. Something needs to set you apart. Every company or entrepreneur not only requires – but deserves – to showcase its passion to the world. I love working with people who are close to their passion and customers – they are what Seth Godin calls the purple cows. Designers thrive on creating and rethinking the visual mold. No two looks should feel the same. View web designs by my studio.

The time it takes – yours

There are dozens of DIY tools for anyone to put together a quick graphic, or even build a website. Increasingly, I’ve noticed that because of this, the designer’s job has become even more distinct. As everyone can play around with imagery and typography, an appreciation for what is truly a polished, professional shine is emerging. In addition, there’s more awareness around how long it takes to build a website right –  with all its parts and functionality.


I love my clients – and I love creating gorgeous and meaningful visual communication. If you’ve never worked with a designer, or if you are due for a design upgrade, I’d love to hear from you.