Growth | A Yearly Design and Art Recap

One of the most effective ways to amplify awareness and bring consciousness to your growth trajectory in any area is through thorough reviews. By writing down even the simplest of inventories, we grow our authentic mindset.

That’s why I always find a “wrap-up” of the past year so important – and a smart predecessor to envisioning the year ahead.

2018 has been a year of creative energy and determination. I am so honored to have worked with so many amazing people. Looking back, I am grateful for the artistic and graphic collaborations with so many clients.

Here are some highlights.

Agency Time

This year, I dipped back into the fast-paced agency world I knew so well from NYC days – this time in Rome. Swept into the hub of talented designers by a brilliant brand strategist I met at an event, I dove into the energetic scene of prolific Alphaomega Agency. My designs and infographics were part of the agency’s high-profile presentations for ENEL, the Region of Lombardy, Estathé and other major Italian brands.


This was a year of truly inspiring and bold clients. Here are just a few of the sites we launched this year.

Bellies Abroad

Bellies Abroad was founded by a fellow New Yorker in Rome, Kiersten Miller – a true self-starter in the world of maternity and women’s health abroad. This site is the hub of professionals devoted to all aspects of maternity for women giving birth in a foreign country. I am thrilled to be the designer and developer for this wonderful brand.


Arcade Analytics


Working on phase two of a web design Arcade Analytics highlighted an important principle in web design: it needs to be refreshed every year or so! After last year’s successful brand launch, I worked with the client on improving the site’s professionalism, corporate authenticity and polish – through custom vectors, upgrades to the site templates and a large dose of new copywriting.

Steven Schoenberg

Composer Steven Schoenberg contacted me through a collaborator from many years back – Mark Auerbach Public Relations. I was so honored to work with him to launch his new site that features his complete musical repertoire.

Palazzo Pulieri

Another brand launch came with the development of the beautiful, historic destination in Abruzzo: Palazzo Pulieri. Collaborating with a photographer to capture the location’s immense charm, I developed this premiere website for the new hotel.

Platinum Eye

Platinum Eye, is a brand launch from the minds of two powerful women. Revolving around the insight and glamour of the world of luxury, this project called upon my art direction and Instagram feed design in collaboration with some truly inspirational “eyes”. The website design is still in development by my studio.


Art Showings


After what has been a long career in online work, I was so excited to share my art much more this past year. With art shows with Margutta Home, a Benefit for Anidan, the U.S. Embassy, and Chilton & Chadwick (ending January 31, 2019), several of my series have been circulated in public – to my immense joy. Here is the site dedicated just to my artwork:

With such an amazing year behind me, I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me. Thank you as always for unending support.