Designing your own site seems doable – but is it worth it?

With the slew of the world at the end of our fingertips it truly seems as if we are capable of anything these days. Websites galore promise the expert knowledge of a scholar overnight along with the ability to transform any project all by yourself. While this narrative is an inspirational triumph, it can also have it’s drawbacks. If the entire world can be taught to master a skill overnight, perhaps they aren’t actually gathering what they actually need – specifically concerting website design.

The question to ask is not whether or not you can do it (you probably can!), but if it is worth your time to acquire and execute a new skill set – compared to hiring a professional to do this for you. And, will the overall quality of your results match what your project actually deserves? The answer depends a lot on the kind of website you are interested in creating. If it’s just a simple blog to record your travel adventures, or your insights or display your craft – where design and marketing are not at the forefront – a simple DIY solution is a great way to just jump into the online fray.

If you need to create a viable website that attracts and holds your audience – i.e., establish a web presence – there is one question I ask anyone tackling their own project:

Are you ready to truly learn the frameworks?

Learning to set up even the most simplest of DIY backend systems (like WordPress) requires a huge learning curve – and I’ve noticed with beginners that it’s not always as simple as it looks. If you are going to provide your own coding, design and resources, it is imperative that a deep passion is underlying it. Add email list integration, search engine optimization, e-commerce, site security and other kinds of interactivity, and suddenly you might find yourself doing nothing else but learning and experimenting with your site backend.

For anyone considering DIY, ask yourself if you are willing to invest both time and money in creating the design of your dreams! If yes, then I encourage you to take the world of coding by storm and stun the world. For those not so passionate about the technical side of things – or who would rather invest their time more intelligently in developing their business, a professional designer will bring your vision to life.

In my own business, I have clients who are very interested in taking over the reins of their site management once I’ve completed the work – and I’m happy to train them to use the site. Others prefer that I handle it all, and we work on an annual maintenance plan so that their sites are always up to date. Whatever is your own level of interest in running your own site, a professional designer can create the solution tailored to your business.