Rome | On the Film Set Again

Rome is a cinematographer’s delight – and in the case of a forthcoming film, the context of a tourist’s awakening. My son Ludovico Benedetti and I were cast as mother and son in a brief scene in this movie directed by the Danish filmmaker Niclas Bendixen (seen in the top photo).

I’ve often been on the film set as the “mother of the child actor,” – and once in a blue moon as an actor myself. This time, we both got to experience the fun in front of the cameras. The location was Piazza Navona, on one of Rome’s most splendid days. The sun was pure and warm in the cool Winter sky, bathing the piazza in a gorgeous light at midday. We played an obnoxious American family, with the actor Jon Kellam as the father. During the scene we have a run-in with the film’s protagonist, played by Bodil Jorgensen. Here are few images from our day on the set together.

The film is produced by Vivo Film together with the Danish company Motor.