Refining a Modern Decade | Tom Ford 2019

With some space to consider all I observed in the recent New York Fashion Week coverage, there is one collection that keeps flashing through my mind – the looks presented by Tom Ford.

Silky, monochromatic outfits in a simple palette of the most wearable, chic colors, a heavy concentration on pants, topped with jaunty, brimmed fur hats, this collection had me stunned for its sheer simplicity and elegance.

Ford drew on the idea of unplugging and releasing one’s self from negativity – perhaps this intention shone through. What made this collection stand out was that even amongst what was called a toned-down season for him, the sumptuous details took the vibe to a whole new level: swishy, looped knots of silk around the neck, soft fur jackets, swipes of purple and red amidst a neutral core of black, white, steel grey, tan and olive.

Without missing a beat, Ford captured glamorous strength with his silhouettes. Bold shoulders were offset by sleek, cinched in waist lines. Some pieces even hinted back to collections he created in the ’90’s. The designer sought his roots, his strengths – fearlessly revisiting timeless ideas. As if he was taking an opportunity to reexamine what it was that made him the powerhouse he is.

Searching for a sense of calm in a world that can constantly be filled with noise, Ford’s line was sleek and strong on the same hand. Filled with androgynous undertones, the collection encapsulated how the small details we often overlook can cause the biggest stir up. Sleek silk jersey evening wear was laid with heavy chain embellishments, zippers used as piping on lapels, dressy pants unaffectedly rolled up to reveal rhinestone encrusted ankle straps – these were just small tokens throughout.

My preference was for the undeniable and utterly wearable elegance of the all-black look, broken by the interplay of textures and fabrics. Ultimately, this level of powerful simplicity lets the wearer’s personality shine through. In the same spirit, the white evening gown, a column of perfect tailoring and femininity, speaks of an alluring confidence. On a personal level, this collection contained my favorite elements of style: velvet blazer, furry soft jackets, a cool hat, pants and mix-match colors.

Ford has brought forth a new sense of style and wonder through this beautiful, ultra contemporary mode of dressing.