How to Collect Your First Iconic

Acquiring a piece of art is an intimate and unique experience. Every person is drawn to something different, something tailored to their own interests. I always love to see what speaks to my clients, what colors and themes resonate with their spirit. When selections from Iconics were showcased at the Margutta Gallery – it was fascinating to observe the works that received the most attention.

Not everyone can easily “read” a painting or work of art with complex imagery. Visitors to the Studio or in a gallery can often be shy to express their preferences, or even know what to “like”. That’s where the fun comes in with contemporary art – there is no right or wrong way of seeing it. Instead, looking and liking a contemporary work is entirely subjective, allowing you to be the curator of your own experience of the art.

Choosing an Iconic

To choose an Iconic, I invite you to first select three or four pieces that you immediately love. Listen to your gut to see which ones speak to you. Perhaps you are drawn to a color, or a feeling, or an expression or motif. You can view these on the Iconics page and sort by theme and color.

Once you’ve distilled your choices down to a few, perhaps you want to view them on your wall. There are a number of “art visualizer” applications that can be used to show what a piece looks like in your own space (WallApp and Wallary are two great options). That process should provide you with clarity about what piece is “yours”.

The Iconic Print

Each Iconic is printed on satin paper and adhered to an acrylic surface for luminosity. Read more about this medium here. The recommended size is 36 x 20 inches, though there are also mural size and postcard sizes available. The works are printed in limited quantities, numbered, signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

[ If you’d like an art historical approach to viewing the Iconics series, you can download a mini guide here ].

Collecting your first Iconic

Although it might seem baffling at first, ordering and collecting art does not have to be difficult or mystical. It’s as simple as selecting the work and ordering it! If you’re ready to order, you can email my Studio for all the information. Alternatively, I can refer you to a gallerist in either Greenwich, CT, Rome, Italy or Palm Beach, FL.

What if I can’t choose?

You can order a set of 15 Iconic prints in 5x7inches format to study, arrange and curate yourself. This set can be custom-selected by you or else pre-curated by the artist. View the Moving Portrait below to get a glimpse of this option.