A Creative Night to Remember

When you’re a designer, creativity isn’t so much a character trait, but rather a truth etched into your character. Every work is a release of passion, a way to make your senses come alive, and provide the world with it a bit more intrigue along the way. That’s why my creative soul is so ecstatic to be sharing my work at Margutta Home in Italy.

On February 22, 2018 Margutta Home will be throwing an opening party for an exhibition of my printed works, along with hand-painted decorative pieces by the amazing Elena Drommi. Entitled artists / alternatives, the show will feature 13 original pieces from my Iconics series. Transforming my pieces into large-scale formats, the spacious gallery will create an intimate conversation between digitally crafted beauty and hand painted design. Also on exhibit in the gallery’s anterior room are the works of Claudia Bellini and Fabio Ferrone Viola.

Margutta Home is located on via Margutta, the fabled cobblestone street that so many artists have traversed before. While I enjoy every aspect of being a designer, having your work that you created out of pure enjoyment is a feeling unlike any other, and to share them in the road made famous by so many artists and artisans is simply astonishing.

The show is open to the public, and I’d love to share it with you! Sharing your work with the world is always one of the most invigorating parts of being an artist, and these specially chosen pieces are an unapologetic way for me to express the beauty and excitement I see.

So please, come to the show! Whether you invite a group of friends, bring someone you love, or simply take yourself on a creative date night out, with so many amazing artists involved the night is sure to be a visually stunning landscape to remember.

artists / alternatives
6:30 – 9 pm
Margutta Home
via Margutta 55