Circling back to the Guggenheim | Vasily Kandinsky

I’ve been to decades of shows at the Guggenheim, and there are a few that stand out for their harmony with the spiral architecture itself. “Vasily Kandinsky: Around the Circle” is one of them.

The name itself was enough to draw me in. Kandinsky is also one I consider to be an “art parent,” i.e. a major influencer of my own ideas. His work truly speaks to my soul, especially his use of circles and color.

One of the greatest joys that I experience when I view Kandinsky’s work is the fact that his style horizontally evolved. This was made beautifully clear by the show’s curation. We started at the top of the spiral and walked down, experiencing his work in chronological order. There was a natural shift in style and technique emerging over time. His work contains a vibrating energy and a sense of movement. It’s playful at times, deeply expressive at others, shifting from formal to abstract.


I brought husband Mauro and son Ludovico with me to share this influential art experience. Kandinsky is truly an artist for all generations – and art awareness. My photographer husband captured his own work while there, and Ludovico felt at home in the iconic museum from another artist date we had there some time ago.