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Campo Marzio, the original location on via Campo Marzio.

What is it about paper and pens ?

Though only one fraction of my writing is longhand (the rest on the keyboard), I cannot resist shopping for pens, journals and stationery. Rome on the whole does not mind an analog approach–the city is bit late to the digital revolution.  There are a few delectable stores, along with many ordinary ones, that cater to the paper lover, the pen user and the handwritten letter writer.

One of the delectables: Campo Marzio. Before I lived here, Campo Marzio was always on my list of places to stop while on vacation. Their heavy, leatherbound journals were all I would ever use for my personal diary. One of their distinctive notepads in either bright blue, canary yellow, hot pink, simple red or grass green was always in my bag or on my desk. I held onto their happy orange shopping bags.

Yesterday, I went back to the store seeking a leatherbound journal. Their merchandise had changed somewhat. A collection of leatherbound desk accessories and laptop covers in those same pop colors replaced the myriad of paper products, now reduced and relegated to a display near the cash register. The wall of designer pens hadn’t changed at all, however, and the ink bottles were still available, too.

They only had two leatherbound journals left in the style I had always purchased, a now discontinued line.

I picked out a bright magenta notepad with pink interior pages for — well, who knows? I just enjoy the pop of color and the pure potential of those blank pages in my vicinity.


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