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Iconics / Poetics Limited Edition Prints on Acrylic

Immerse Yourself in Layers of Meaning

Introducing my exclusive collection of limited edition acrylic prints, meticulously crafted from the Iconics/Poetics series. These captivating works, also known as “digital etchings,” are a testament to the beauty of collages mixed in a digital environment, where my handcrafted images, personal photos, historical artworks, shapes, and colors converge in harmony. 

A Tapestry of Themes 

Unravel a rich tapestry of sub-themes in this series, and select the color or theme that speaks to you. These include angels, halos, landscapes, Italy, poems and calligraphic abstractions. Transport yourself to picturesque landscapes, capturing the essence of Italy’s timeless charm. Engage with poetic verses that speak to your soul, resonating through each stroke of calligraphic abstraction. These acrylic prints are portals into layered worlds waiting to be explored.

Luminosity Unveiled

The luminosity of the acrylic material elevates the colors, bringing out their true vibrancy. As you immerse yourself in these prints, you’ll witness the subtlety of layers, unveiling hidden depths and intricate details that will captivate your senses. The larger the print, the more profound the immersion, transforming any room into a realm of enchantment and wonder.

Elevate Your Space with Artistry

Elevate your home, office, or gallery with these exclusive, limited-edition pieces that exude a touch of dimension and artistic brilliance. The standard size of these prints is 36×24 inches. However, they can be printed in extra large format for a truly “lifelike” experience of the artwork. Alternatively, they can be printed in small “postcard” format and displayed in groups of 9 or 10 images. In ordering your work, you can request a custom size.

Unmatched Materials for an Unforgettable Experience

We take pride in the meticulous selection of materials used for each print. Printed with archival ink on satin paper, each print is then transferred to artist-grade acrylic, known for its durability and visual brilliance. To complete the experience, each print comes with a back mount, allowing for a captivating “floating” effect on your wall.

Acquire an Iconic/Poetic Acrylic Print

Elevate your art collection and own a piece of the Iconics series with our limited edition prints on acrylic. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, intricate details, and transformative energy of these breathtaking artworks. Each print is a testament to the fusion of digital and analog art, preserving the essence of the Iconics series in a stunning and collectible format.

Indulge in the opportunity to bring the captivating essence of 100 Iconics/Poetics into your own space with our limited edition prints on acrylic. Each work from the collection is meticulously reproduced to preserve the intricate details and vibrant colors that define these masterpieces. To maintain the exclusivity and collectibility of these prints, each one is produced in a limited edition and accompanied by a letter of authenticity signed by the artist. Only a select number of prints will ever be made available, making them truly unique and sought-after pieces of art. 

How to Order Use this form to reserve or inquire about your Iconics/Poetics print

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