Boldness and optimistic largesse | Burri

Italy is full of artistic treasures and heritage. The longer I am here, the more I discover the color and beauty enclosed in quiet edifices in every corner of the country. An artistic residence took me to the area around Arezzo recently, and a side trip to the “Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri” provided an astounding inspiration.

Originally from the town Città di Castello, Burri, towards the end of his life, decided to gather all his artworks from around the world – buying them back too! – and house them in his hometown. Their permanent gallery is a tobacco factory restored by the artist. What an inspiration!

Large scale, minimal sculptures on the grounds greeted our group, hinting at the dimensions of what was inside. Before admiring the sweeping main floor galleries, we began on the lower level which housed Burri’s graphic and tempera works. His bold shapes and amorphous combinations in bright (happy) colors had an uplifting effect. Upstairs, the gigantic dimensions of the former factory gave a sense of limitlessness and airness. The walls contained bold works in various of the artist’s series: all black textured works, fire-painted plastic, the red and black series, and my favorite, the gold and black series.

He was a prolific and curious seeker, ever evolving his technique and his line, experimenting with materials and dimensions.