2023 | Design Year in Review

2023 unfolded as a canvas of abundant expression, collaboration and exploration. It marked a period where innovative ideas thrived and flourished, and creative boundaries expanded. Here are some of my favorite highlights from the past year.

100 Iconics

This March 2023 marked a major milestone in my career as an artist and writer. I created my 100th Iconic, I live for beauty, from my Iconics / Poetics series. Out of this came a coffee table art book cataloging this series.

In December, Chadwick Ciocci’s Introduction and essays were included in a re-released edition. Over 200 pages, the pages contain my reflections on the works, shown in chronological order. View the Book.

Birthday Soirée

In March, I celebrated my birthday with a soirée, gathering family and friends in a gorgeous Japanese restaurant. The uplifting individuals in my circle add profound meaning to my life, and I am so grateful. The party’s theme was a preview of coming attractions.


Undoubtedly, the highlight of my year was the realization of a long-held dream during my two-week retreat in Japan. This immersive experience was a culmination of my deepest desires, and I embarked on a creative adventure of my own design, culminating in an artistic residence. From exciting Tokyo to gorgeous Kyoto, to the serene landscapes outside of Fukuoka, every scene provided inspiration for a lifetime.

Check out my reflections on my Compendium (Kyoto , Tokyo, Calligraphic Abstractions), also in video format on both Instagram and TikTok.

ClaudiaPalmira X The Met Opera Shop…Encore!

In the past year, the MET Opera shop showcased two pieces from my line of silk scarves, “Vincerò” and “Pace.” This year, the latest addition to grace The Met Opera Gift Shop at Lincoln Center is the vibrant “Butterfly” scarf.

In appreciation for this fantastic collaboration, I created a bespoke scarf exclusively for the MET Opera shop, and it has also found a special place among their featured items in the store.

Women in Progress Premiere

On the weekend of October 21, the third season of the docu-series “Women in Progress” premiered in Rome, including the episode which features my story. Read more about the experience here; watch the episode here.

Dream You Journal

Now available on Amazon, this blank page, soft cover journal showcases my original cover design and features pages waiting to be filled with…anything y0u imagine.

Venice Workshops

Venice beckoned me this season, specifically to continue my work with Monica Dengo, which has led me to workshops around Italy and Japan. The exploration of the “mark” continued here at the Museo Correr, the strokes and works influenced by the watery ambience of this dreamy city.

Branding for Creatives

What began as a fun idea for social media became a mini series: Branding for Creatives. In these micro videos, I discuss various aspects of branding for artists to help them maximize their presence through digital marketing. Follow me on Instagram and TikTok to see the latest installments “Branding for Creatives.” 

2024 – Join me

Looking ahead to 2024… I am anticipating some exciting launches, products and collaborations. If you’re not on my email list, please get on it to receive my monthly news.

If you want to go farther, please join me in the forthcoming Group For Creatives, a labor of love where I provide guidance, accountability and inspiration to blocked creatives.