Women in Progress Premiere

On the weekend of October 21, the third season of the docu-series “Women in Progress” premiered in Rome, including the episode in which I am honored to share my story.

It was thanks its creator and producer, Dr. Jenn Lindsay, the founder of So Fare Films, that this amazing series came to be. The premiere event was a celebration of women +35 who’ve gone beyond the norm to make their mark. Each story was like a unique work of art, proving that age doesn’t define our dreams and accomplishments.

For me, being a part of this project was a blend of art and storytelling. My journey, mixed with the tales of these incredible women, is a testament to the fact that determination and passion know no age. In a world where time flies by, “Women in Progress” reminds us that the stories of our lives are like brush strokes on a canvas, constantly creating something beautiful.

The episode I am in was directed by Alyssa Beebe with filming also by Nathaniel Shaw; the Sound Editor is Jason Yu.

If you are curious about the incredible stories told in “Women in Progress,” you can watch all seasons and episodes, including mine, on the So Fare Films YouTube channel. The Italian version is coming soon!