Website Launch | #NewYorkerinRome

I’m deeply excited to announce the launch of my online guide to my adopted city: #NewYorkerinRome.

This directory has been long in the making, and it’s always evolving. I’ve been curating top spots in Rome for as long as I’ve lived here (since 2006)! I’ve spent countless hours exploring every corner of Rome, from the well-known landmarks to the hidden alleyways and off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods, always with an eye on the most beautiful, original and special spots. Rome is full of secrets, and publicity isn’t big over here – so finding the gems can take years of acculturated observations.

As a New Yorker, I tend to avoid tourist traps, or even the “most loved” classics, and prefer the profoundly local vibe. I live and create in the Prati neighborhood, so you there are a lot of recommendations for my ‘hood, and maybe fewer in the southern parts of the City. As most big city dwellers, I tend to stick around my zona. (In New York, it was the West Village.)

The inspiration to create this site came from how many times I was asked for my top places and picks. I decided I would add my name to the roster of ex-patriates who put forth their own blogs and guides – it’s almost seems a rite of passage when you live abroad. A few New Yorkers I know here find it hard to lose our connection to our original home city, yet Rome has its own edge, and occasionally even its own form of cool. That’s what I’ve dug out and shared in my guide. I hope you enjoy it!

PS, if you come to Rome, book a Studio visit with me.