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    • Web / Blog

      Your website is usually the first “meeting” you will have with your audience. Not only do websites serve as a virtual information desk, but they offer ways for your client to become immediately involved and connected to your brand. While a site’s functionality is primary, to compete in a visually-sophisticated global marketplace, your graphics are paramount making a statement about who you are to your next client. A site’s functionality is crucial to engaging your network and providing a space for your fans and clients to interact with you.

      Services include:
      Custom website design
      WordPress customization, template design, installation, instruction
      Responsive (mobile-friendly) graphics
      Headers, backgrounds and buttons
      HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQUERY
      Template designs for Joomla or other CMS platforms
      Email newsletter templates


    • Printed materials


      Paperless communication is doing a wonderful thing for print — it’s making it more precious! Investing in the production of a printed piece is akin to buying a home or personal accessory. In this aspect, good design is remarkably noticable and tactile, from choice of materials, to color quality and format. The production side of creating gorgeous print materials is key, i.e. setting up documents for print so that the finished product matches the projected design.

      Services and products include:
      Ad Campaigns
      Broadcast design: set backgrounds, lightboxes, fillers

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