Typography & Philosophy | Sticker Studio

In my travels, I met an 84-year-old woman who runs her business with passion and energy after 36 years. She said, “It takes courage to be positive, to perservere — life is not smooth.” 

What a gem! I will add that it takes a huge sense of humor as well.

This was what I had in mind when I started designing a series of quotes-as-stickers: a fun reminder to keep on going in life and in creativity. Those early stickers led to my imagining an Instagram quotes series, all created with a beautiful serif font in a simple black and white format.

Stickers give me a great feeling – there is something so satisfying about committing a sticker to something: a laptop cover, a notebook, a wall.

These stickers are created as daily reminders for your own soul to remember that you are always in the process of growing and searching for beauty. It takes so much courage and faith to embrace the “dolce” part of *this* life, with its circumstances and bumps. I hope these stickers can offer you that small sweetness in your day. Visit my Studio Shop.