The Zodiac Collection | From Ink to Silk

More than a strict definition of personality types, astrology is an archetypal language to me. The ancient symbols of the 12 signs inspired my new Zodiac collection of oversized square silk “paintings”.

It all began with black sumo ink and paper. With brushstrokes, I formed each astrological symbol by hand on cotton paper. These calligraphic pieces were then brought into a second phase, where colorways were introduced. This phase was the most intense, selecting the color combinations that evoked the essence of the astrological sign and season, while harmonizing with the entire collection.

The designs were then printed on luxurious silk in an oversized square format.

Each piece in the collection tells the story of the sign and my passion for this ancient syste. Yet my intention is not to be confined to wear one’s own birth sign, but to invite connection with the art on a personal level.

View the full collection on the new Clù website and please let me know if there is one that speaks to your soul!