The Beauty of Order | Studio Renovation

Embracing momentum of the New Year and the anticipation of Spring’s arrival, I decided to breathe fresh life into my Rome Studio. Guided by the talented Francesca of Tutto a Posto, who played a pivotal role in orchestrating the transformation—from rearranging furniture to reorganizing my bookshelves—I aimed to enhance the studio’s organization.

The best graphic design is visual organization: understanding the hierarchy of information, putting the right things in the right place for functionality, and of course adding artistic flair for emphasis. This is what we focused on – except in 3D spatial mode. Besides clearing clutter and adding some style, my main goal of this Studio mini renovation was to give more attention and display to the works themselves. With so many different mediums to display – like canvases, silk, acrylic prints and art books – while maintaining the functional working areas of the office, this was a challenge.

Working together with Francesca, we successfully merged the minimalist designer and vibrant artist sides of my identity, making strategic adjustments to showcase my art. She creatively repurposed bookshelves and containers, and shuffled objects to find their best “fitting”. Bookshelves and storage spaces were spiffed up and cleared out. I’m most proud of these new features to my space:

The Scarf Wall

Perhaps the most distinctive touch was the creation of a Scarf Wall, an elegant solution to display my collection of silk scarves. Hung on delicate bamboo, the silk is draped over them, allowing for the designs to be seen and kept without wrinkling.


We united two bookcases to create a tall divider, which doubles as a display area for my artbooks, both printed and handmade. Here is where you can find color utensils of all types, blank journals and some miniature artworks

Venus Rising, and other works

My series of three large and two small tondos is almost all reunited. For now, it’s thrilling to have two large ones together after a long separation. My other works also now have their own wonderful spots.

Art area

My art area didn’t need as much attention, but we moved things like the printer and copy paper to another area, to give the table as much air as possible. Using carts, I was able to store my brushes and supplies in a functional and fun way and liberate the art table for bigger projects.

Book and Magazine Storage

My collection of books and magazines for inspiration and collage – and workshops! – is a masterpiece in itself. It is satisfying to see the titles grouped together in one neat area.

Francesca’s ingenuity and meticulous planning have transformed my Studio into a haven of inspiration. Stepping into this redesigned space, I am met with a renewed sense of motivation and artistic energy, allowing visitors to come and experience the artwork more prominently. 

Stay tuned for my next event – make sure you’re on my email list for the invite – to see the changes for yourself!