The Algorithm of Marketing You

It is fascinating the wonders and opportunities that social media has applied to the corporate and creative worlds. Within the vast landscape of Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram is what seems to be a level playing field for broad and niche markets alike. Specialized algorithms lead us down paths most similar to our own, connecting us with new brands and ideas. But with so much freedom, how do we narrow down our own marketing to reach our audience?

With so many brands and places to be discovered, digital marketing offers a centralized space for everyone. Now more than ever, a global marketplace is within the reach of our fingertips. A stranger double tapping an image on Instagram can lead to an untapped clientele market. It only takes knowing your target audience and branding it to the algorithms of the digital realm to find a new expanse.

Department stores and Fortune 500 companies are no longer the only ones who are able to spread beyond their country. Creative small businesses can now walk step to step with them as well. Today a small mom and daughter shop in France with handmade garments has the ability to reach the fashion radar of New York, for example. There are many examples like this in all industries.

No matter the platform you choose the most important factor is cohesive consistency. A brand is not formed in one or two posts, but rather the ability for someone to recognize your brand the moment they see a single object on social media. Every word typed, image posted and blog presented has to provide a direct correlation to the why behind your company.

Marketing with social media can move beyond just the stereotypical “this is my product”/”buy me” mentality. It offers the opportunity to see your brand expressed through images, content and video. Having your target audience tag themselves with your designs, reposting their images or to your own accounts not only makes your client feel valued but helps to establish why others in your target audience will love your why as well.

During my workshops for digital marketing, blogging and brand styling, the key component is understanding your brand identity in all its aspects. I work with individuals to help grow their vision with practical and creative communication strategiess. Within an atmosphere of openness, creativity and brainstorming, we pinpoint the best marketing ideas and action plans for your brand – through words, images and concepts for the digital realm.

Great leaders and innovators are not those who are able to run a company. A great leader is someone who can connect with the person to their left and the person to their right and help them. Snapchat offers a raw glimpse inside your brand; Instagram is about non-verbal, clever clues; Twitter communicates through links and relationships; and Facebook relies on video and share-ability.

Truly enterprising social media needs effort, but the results can be truly wonderful. No matter who you are or the size of the market you are trying to reach, digital and social smarts in these content streams can help you get there.