My Upcoming Retreat – the “Why” Behind Authentic Joy

Nowadays I feel as if the word authenticity can be muddled very easily. With so much constantly whirling around us, images and ideas being presented to us in forms of digital and social streams, it’s difficult to really cut down to the truth. For instance, when was the last time you truly understood what makes you happy?

For the past two years I have been so honored and full of joy to host Restart Retreats with the incredible NY therapist Valerie Simon. Our retreats are focused on that special concept – authenticity. In the past two years, what we were really looking at was blocks to authenticity and what gets in the way of us finding ourselves.

This year we wanted to weave in the topic of joy, and what makes us happy in our lives, and what do we need to do to create joy in our lives. Not just what do we have to get rid of – but what to do we need to bring into our lives, too, that really authentically makes us happy.

To help bring a better level of understanding to Embracing Our Authentic Joy, Dr. Valerie Simon and myself have created an in-depth video series explaining the significance of the retreat within the context of living during today’s day and age.

Maybe you’re a creative who needs a release, or a helping professional who is looking for new ways to thrive in their career, or perhaps you are just looking for a deep, spiritual refresh. No matter where you’re looking to expand your joy, we want to help you truly feel and uncover it.

Watch the video series on YouTube or via the Restart Retreats Facebook page.

No matter where you’re at in life, I promise you, you’re ready. You’re ready to be happy and filled with joy, the kind that isn’t just there for the good times, but is the resilience beside you in the bad times.

Discover Restart Retreats – book your spot for this year’s magical experience up until September 21, 2018.