A Retreat by Design

My boutique career with its various projects can be difficult to label – blending a dynamic of creativity and self-improvement. One of the most interesting aspects of my career is how a designer found herself in realm of emotional wellness as co-founder of Restart Retreats. After all, it might seem a bit of a leap from web design to psychodrama (the methodology used in the annual retreat).

Restart Retreats was not born from thin air. It was a long-cultivated process born from a desire to bring psychodrama to Italy. Having found myself missing my own experiential training group from New York, I thought, what better way to share the healing powers of this extremely effective and transformative modality than by bringing it to my European community. Of course, Valerie Simon’s help was what pushed the event over the edge. Our in-sync work ethics and beliefs ebbed and flowed at exactly the right moments to bring this healing journey to Italy.

The workshop space of Restart Retreats. Coming again – October 5 – 8, 2017 in Tuscany.

Restart Retreats follows an intention I have with my design studio projects – to connect an entity or person with their authentic expression, in the case of clients, via graphic art and marketing. My design side incorporates how a client connects with the world, and then I work to interpret that into a creative, visceral impact.

Anyone in business, no matter what the industry, benefits from emotionally intelligence. In this evolving world, consciousness in business has increasing importance. Restart Retreats is one opportunity for participants to dig within themselves in a safe and open experience, to commit to their authentic self. Brands are connected to people, who deal with feelings. The closer we are to ourselves, the more relatable we are to others; and, ultimately, our ability to collaborate with others improves creative output.

Even within my own design company, I can see the positive effects of emotional wellness – breaking through personal ceilings of creativity, finding emotional sobriety, and providing a haven for true design. My connection with Restart Retreats is not just in providing its graphic design and marketing. It is implicit in extending the opportunity for healing and personal evolution.

If you are interested, please join me and Valerie this October in Tuscany.