Radio Roma Capitale: Hybrid Communication

My weeks are usually a mix: design research, client meetings, website creation, creative briefs, making videos, interfacing with my team, and of course actual designing and art-making. On Wednesday April 14, my mix had a surprising new element: I was able to go “on air” on Radio Roma Capitale and explore the dynamic world between radio and web communication.

One of the most striking things about the recording Studio of Radio Roma Capitale is the way they have made welcoming their guest speakers into a smooth and streamlined process. The space is an open-concept office, filled with desks, motion, and art. A specific room is reserved for the guest speakers, while around the main hall live and recorded video and audio segments are currently being shot. Social media posters line the walls, in addition to microphones, cameras, and screens. In short, it is a quiet cacophony of ideas in practice.

For my segment, I sat alongside Italian entrepreneurs and professionals in the largest ‘booth’ in the room, the large octagonal table which is surrounded by sound proof glass. Listening to the other’s thoughts- while gathering my own – I reflected on both the importance of communication and the way hybrid work models are quickly becoming the norm. Radio Roma Capitale relies on social media for their segment #LiveSocial in a sort of symbiotic relationship with the traditional radio format. Some may say that radio is fading due to the advent of podcasts and video, but the buzzing and trend-minded office of Radio Roma Capitale seems to suggest otherwise. It’s a hybrid: an old school medium with a new social-media twist.

And due to the changes in business models and practices in the last year, we too are often navigating hybrid spaces between virtual and in-person, print and digital, and brick-and-mortar and e-commerce. Despite changes and new systems constantly emerging, one thing I can predict for the newest trends in media & design is that communication will always be at the core. Whether radio, video, or even TikToks, communicating with beauty remains core to my Studio.

Listen to my segment here / View the Behind the Scenes on Instagram or on TikTok