Printed Matter, Inc. | Supporting the Spine of Artists’ Books

There are so many different ways to view art. There’s the classic distinction of museums, the dynamic molding of ideas in catalogs, and even curated social media pages, each dedicated to artists in their own right. One of my favorite mediums to view art is through an artists’ book – as in, books by artists, not to be confused with the coffee table art book. The best place to find one of the former? Printed Matter, Inc. in Chelsea New York.

Located in Chelsea, New York, this iconic bookstore is also a beautiful non-profit that helps support the art by not only disseminating artists’ books, but also help educate the community about them. What began in 1976 as a space to help champion meaningful artwork to the community around them quickly grew into a much larger community.

What I love most about Printed Matter, Inc. is there dedication to the craftsmanship and heartbeat of artistic creation. The shelves are a fascinating journey through the minds of artists and photographers. Most are self-published books and zines, some collective publications, and some artistic publishers’ works. It is always a surprise what might inspire and enlighten – or empower – while sifting through the racks and bins here.

I always leave some time during my Chelsea gallery hops to get into the nitty gritty printed world – and usually walk away feeling like I have gotten something much more than a book when I emerge from this haven.