Pink in the Air – Creative Color Energy

There’s something pink in the air. Literally, it’s the cherry blossoms outside my Studio window, these ephemeral blooms that reach their apex in early March. But there’s something else: a creative energy is populating the world with pink.

The Valentino 2022 show

Perhaps the most global is the recent Fall Winter 2022/2023 Valentino show at the recent Paris Fashion Week. Created by Pierpaolo Piccoli, this entirely pink collection (with some black accents) was a show stopper. Each model walked in an identical shade of pink. Behind them, the exact color filled the walls, and a unique Pantone color was named for the shade.

I couldn’t help but think of my recent Moving Portrait made a month ago, when I entered a monochromatic world of baby pink. Pink clothes, pink walls, pink scarf, pink art…

“I always want pink in my collections,” says Piccoli and it’s a sentiment that I agree with wholeheartedly. In all my collections and in a lot of my artwork, I make sure to have at least a few nods to my favorite color. Each scarf series has at least one in pink, my Roman Wall series has the aptly named Centro Pink, and many of my Iconics works, like Female Rising or Kindness, have pink as a central color. 

There is always a sense of connection when designers and artists tap in on the same wave – whether it’s a color, or a mood, or style.  It’s wonderful watching this creative impulse unfold and express itself. For now, it’s pink – and even the cherry blossoms agree!