Palette and Print | Dior’s India Collection

I’ve always got my eye on the world of fashion, where new collections emerge continuously, allowing for a constant flow of inspiration. Occasionally, a designer’s work will push through into the realm of the extraordinary for me. This happened with Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Fall collection for Christian Dior.


A tribute to India, the collection is a masterpiece of colors, texture and pure fashion designs. From the vivid colors – including “rani pink” and  “jamuni purple”, to the incredible embroidery, sparkle and pattern, the clothing and its presentation has me mesmerized.

The textiles and visual iconography of India are rich and quite saturated. It would be easy to overdo paisley, or color combinations that would frighten a Western eye. Instead, the creative direction of this collection immersed the prints in single color motifs, avoiding contrasts to achieve an elegant form. The palette was sumptuous: saffron, indigo, orange chartreuse, purple, pink and my beloved fuchsia. Black and white looks anchored the eye, and an almost ubiquitous pearl choker appeared with each look. (Pearls are another of my personal favorites.)

The collection cleverly derived proportions from the India aesthetic. Instead of long saris over silk pants, a flowing white oxford to the knees over a calf-length skirt, a matching coat draped over the shoulders made it a sort of flowing suit. Dior’s classic hourglass gave way to shimmering silk matching sets, like pajamas.


The collection is a celebration of Indian culture and tradition; the designer collaborated with a renowned local atelier to draw attention to the local couture and garment traditions. The intricate embroidery, the use of traditional fabrics, details and iconography were cleverly integrated into a wearable vision.


The attention to detail in the collection was impressive, and it was evident in the way the designs were crafted. Every piece is a work of art that showcased the skill and craftsmanship of the designers. Brava Maria Grazia Chiuri!