Norton Museum – Holiday Artist Date in Palm Beach

While in Palm Beach over the holidays, between all the beach walks and tennis, I had the yen to view some art. Beyond the local galleries, I was curious to discover the Norton Museum. My husband and son came along willingly, making it a family artist date – my favorite kind.

After a dip into the gorgeously curated gift shop, we dove into the museum’s permanent collection. I was immediately struck by the impressive mix of masters – in quality not quantity. From Monet to Rothko – deKooning, Pollock, Matisse… it was as if each of the major names was represented on the walls, much like each of the world’s top brands appear on nearby Worth Avenue.


We moved through the spacious halls, passing into the fashion photographer exhibition. Showstopping photos from the Nicola Erni Collection placed on on pink walls made for a captivating and light show. More than 250 iconic photographs of models, faces, clothes, many of which I recognised from the ’90s issues of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. My photographer husband  appreciated the street photography aspect of the show.

One of my favorite works in the whole museum was in a far room: “Interchanged” by Willem DeKooning mesmerized me with its color and passionate strokes. I stared at this one for a long while, studying each layer.

There were several installations and contemporary works that Ludovico enjoyed, playful art.

Dale Chiluly glass sculptures are the perfect in the Florida context – here, the Persian Sealife piece mounted on a glass panel from the ceiling, so you gaze from below at the colorful jewel-like visions of the sea.