A Brand with Big Style | La Double J

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When one hears the word Italian style, it’s easy to picture a look that classic and relaxed in a simple palette of tans, whites, a dash of black for night. A minimal, tailored silhouette, this is the “easy-going” signature of the Italian lifestyle. But there’s another side of Italy, too – the baroque, flowery and expressive one. There are a few brands that embody this aspect, and I’ve just uncovered one that is simply delicious: La Double J.

All photos courtesy of La Double J

La Double J is a breath of maximalist design in a world turned to simplistic style. Diving beyond polite, “safe” looks, the brand brings the bold and beautiful of Italy’s vintage craftsmen to light in clothing and home products. These are beautiful, colorful, and design dreamscape pieces – like organized chaos brought to life.

All photos courtesy of La Double J

Combining a love of vintage design with the skill of finding valuable pieces, La Double J designs and curates pieces for home and fashion. What’s so alluring about this former fashion editor, founder JJ Martin’s world is, in fact, the editorial. In a section called Live Like an Italian, profiles of fabulous women make the site come alive with true passion, the kind that cannot be “added to the cart”. Spiced with saturated photo collages that speak to my personal aesthetic, the graphics shine on this fun and thoroughly beautiful brand.

La Double J is an ode to originality and an inspiration to anyone in branding. Kudos!