Pescara | Three creative women, two special galleries

On the other side of “the boot”, the city of Pescara in Abruzzo has drawn me in thanks to a dear friendship. My history with this Adriatic town is long – my family traveled there when I was a child, and I still recall the Hotel Excelsior, the wide promenade and gelato in glass cups. My recent time there led me to two see charming galleries – Spazio Sei and Tre Periodico Art Space.

Spazio Sei


Deep into the city, on a quiet piazza, Spazio Sei is a visual gateway to a world of artistic expression whose primary mission is to promote emerging talents, not only from the region, but beyond as well. The gallery’s founder, Isabella De Luca – better known to her friends as Isa –  has done a phenomenal job at transforming the space into a imaginative contemporary hub. Isa is also a profoundly gifted photographer, and the space was originally her studio.

When I visited her this Summer, I had the pleasure of immersing myself in the exhibition titled “Alba Adriatics” by the incredibly talented artist Lorenzo Aceto. The exhibition was a journey of colors, textures, and emotions, which stood out with their vibrancy opposed to the pristine white walls of the space, effortlessly transporting visitors to the picturesque landscapes of the Adriatic coast.

For me, visiting the galley was not only an opportunity to indulge in the diverse range of contemporary artworks but also a chance to witness the dedication and passion of Isa. Her dedication to growing a vibrant art community and supporting emerging artists is evident in every detail.

Tre Periodico Art Space


Down Pescara’s gentle streets and charming alleys lies a hidden gem for art enthusiasts and creative souls alike – Tre Periodico Art Space. I had the pleasure of witnessing the birth of this remarkable project, curated by three visionary individuals: Isabella De Luca, Chiara Druda, and my dear friend, the artist Francesca De Rubeis, whose journey as an artist and mother of a son is so intertwined with mine (I also designed her website).

Tre Periodico is a convergence of three distinct lines – projectivity, visions, and art. The space is dedicated to group shows of local artists in an evolving schedule, and is charged with the energy of the group, each of whom creates artwork. Through the group shows, they are creating a network of artists in their seaside Abruzzese city, close to the birthplace of the author Gabriele Nunzio.


Both galleries are way more than merely a physical space—they’re a haven for creative minds, a sanctuary for artistic expression. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a budding artist, or simply someone seeking inspiration, these galleries promise to ignite your imagination and leave an indelible mark on your artistic journey.

I left Pescara with a renewed sense of purpose and a determination to continue exploring the boundless possibilities of my artistic expression.