Art | Inner & Outer Work

I have often found myself drawn in two passionate directions. One side, the designer and artist, creating and putting forth beauty into the world in a concrete way – whether it’s designing a corporate website or exhibiting a collage series. The other side, a teacher and leader, helping others create beauty in their emotional and spiritual lives.

For so long I was unsure of how to unite this duality, or even if I needed to! Perhaps my Vision Mapping workshops were enough? In 2016, I began a journey that not only fed these two sides, but gave shape to how I could increasingly serve others through art. Now in 2020, I’m thrilled to announce that I have completed training from the College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy and officially earned my certification in Art Therapy. In addition, I’ve received the title of “experiential specialist” from the Institute Society of Experiential Professionals.

Art therapy is a fascinating landscape where artwork is used as a way to access the unconscious, the inner world. Working with art of all forms, from drawing to collage, painting and coloring, art therapists guide clients to make images that we then work with to discover personal meaning. Both the creative process and the final image are aspects of the therapy. Colors, shapes and of course the images we choose reflect our inner worlds. The work is designed to honor individuals’ process, supporting them to grow beyond their comfort zone. At last, I have the tools and training to more pointedly help others live their own versions of a beautiful life.

To celebrate my new certification, check out my monthly workshops in Rome, called the “Living Well Series“.  I hope you can join me for one of these!

Meanwhile, my design studio continues to hum with web projects, and as always, my own artistic projects are essential to my practice. How fortunate I feel to have found a balance with the integration of these two aspects – and to do what I truly love.