Expanding Gratitude through e-Newsletters

Those who know me best understand the innate optimistic outlook that accompanies my EnFP mindset. I am constantly advocating for the betterment of the world around me. Sharing the exciting news, inspirations and musings of my day-to-day life is the best way I feel I can give back to those around me. What better way to curate an interest for life than to discuss it amongst friends? Creating a dialogue about the world around me is the core message behind my monthly newsletters.

It seems as if everywhere you turn there is a newsletter to be signed up for. Some offer a look into the lives of others, some bring inspiration to our own daily routine and some are simply a brief escape of enjoyment. Every month I try to culminate these ideals to bring my mindset to the world of others in my newsletter. Alongside the inner workings of my mind, a new digital collage designed by myself adds a bit of life to your desktop.

Actively choosing to practice gratitude raises your happiness. My gratitude to the musings and inspirations around me is profound. The latest trends in design steer my career path, a motivated woman inspires me to do more with my own life, an art show changes my perspective on beauty and so many other circumstances in this world deserve to be noticed. Discussing these intricacies monthly not only benefits my own soul, but the souls of those who are listening as well. Humanity offers beautiful opportunities to mold our mindsets based on the understanding of others.

If you find yourself wanting to be a part of an engaging creative community, I encourage you to sign up for my monthly emails (no more frequently than that!). I will not spam you or send you anything I don’t believe will benefit your soul.

The life of an international designer brings a unique tale to be told every month. By receiving my emails you get a look into the news about my life and studio in New York and Rome. Each newsletter aims to expand and inspire the innovation of a creative community through the daily musings and interests of my own life.

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