The Life Force of Digital Marketing

Within the past decade, it seems as if Digital Marketing has become more of a buzzword than anything else. With so many new steps in technology, this once simple medium is now extensively more complicated. However, what most people I realize today is that digital marketing is not just done online. The main core of digital marketing focuses on the entirety of its parts, both on and off the screen.

When it comes to a well-rounded digital marketing strategy there needs to be more than just the latest trends on social media. Those who make blanket statements promises like “earn tons of followers” and “get the most likes” are not the ones understanding the vast expanse of what digital marketing is.

A truly unique digital marketing experience is just that – an EXPERIENCE! When it comes to creating content it’s got to do more than just match, it has to speak to the right people who can understand AND benefit from your thoughts. Finding your “tribe” if you will. Because sure, having a great looking website is amazing, but what good is a website without any genuine traffic?

You see in an era of social media it can seem like the number of likes or clicks to your page are what measure success. However, real success cannot be measured in these amounts. It can sometimes be baffling to me the amount of accounts I see with thousands upon thousands of followers, but little to no success. And here’s the sticky truth of it all, you can’t buy honest to goodness engagement.

This is where I try to take things up a notch. Behind all great marketing is solid content – the kind that “sticks” with its audience. My experience as editor of the Italian Journal, combined with my years of agency work as a graphic designer serve my clients well in this area. I create a custom editorial strategy that creatively expresses your brand in various contents, but hooks into the right streams. Imagery is paired seamlessly with the content, and a rhythm of publishing is established. Your brand becomes its own mini media empire.

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