Artist Date | Fractals & Sparkles at BVLGARI Rome

I stepped into an incredible combination of fractals and sparkles at the limited time exhibition “Riflessi di Donna” (Reflections of Woman) at BVLGARI, Rome. With works from Futurist icons Giacomo Balla, Joan Miró, and De Pistoris placed among glittering jewels, the space was truly one of elevated fine art.

The was curated by the precious Futurism & Co. Art Gallery, a must-see in Rome for fans of this genre. I’ve visited this gem before and wrote about the stunning curation of the show Analogie. As always, gallery owner Francesca Carpi was incredibly gracious and she led me on a personalized tour of the works.

Futurism paintings appeared in the rooms throughout the luxury store, the fractaled forms of the women in the paintings mirroring diamond forms of the jewelry and gems beneath. My favorite was “Donna ambiente” created by De Pistoris in 1922. The gallery booklet reads,

The futurist woman of De Pistoris is portrayed in a sort of chromatic interpretation with the interior of her house. Indeed, the title of this painting is: “Woman + environment.” The pose is solemn, solemn, and intended to convey confidence of this female figure who feels fulfilled, and that she poses herself not as the angel of the hearth but as the true one queen of the house…”

This line of woman as queen rather than angel of the hearth, combined with the vibrant colors of the work, left a lasting impression. Again, thanks to the lovely work of Francesca I exited the show with a new favorite Futurist painting and a burst of inspiration.