Arte in Nuvola: Rome shows off its contemporary art side

When I moved from New York to Rome in 2006, a prominent Upper East Side gallerist acquaintance of mine unforgettably advised me: “Dear, let me know when you get to Berlin.”

Rome is synonymous with art for sure, a city that has long inspired artists for its beauty. During an average walk here, you can casually brush by works by Caravaggio, Bernini or Michelangelo, just to name a few. Yet, when it comes to the art of now – the pulse of the contemporary art world – let’s just say, most would look to Berlin, London or Basel instead of this Italian capital.

So when the director of Futurism & Co invited me as a guest to Roma Arte in Nuvola, I jumped at the opportunity to enter the glass “cloud” exhibition center to participate in this symbolic event: Rome’s first contemporary and modern art fair.

Over 179 galleries, projects, and publishers were present. How thrilling to see the evolution of the art scene here in Rome in live progress. The ambience of the fair itself – located in modernized Eur – had a metropolitan vibe, far from the cobblestones. I have to admit, my NYer heart beat a little faster walking around the steel and glass enclosed building with its large open areas and towering ceilings.

What struck me in viewing the art was the repurposing and new application of materials, a trend I’ve observed and even practiced in my own studio. For example, I adored the silk prints by George Stawatakis: fluid and vivid oceanic prints. The tondo by Giuseppe Salvatori, the scanned flower photos of Mathilde Nardone and the script sculptures of Mr Brainwash were also favorites.

Bravo! to all galleries and artists for creating a vibrant and contemporary art experience in Rome…at last.