A Photographer’s Journey to Beauty

For every designer and artist out there, there is a passion that drives them to incredible lengths. There is no one I see take the world for all it has to offer and create stunning art from it’s depth more than the photographer Mauro Benedetti. From scenic overpasses in Italian towns to wide morning shots to urban gritty scenes, this photographer has captured the depths of the world’s beauty.

Mauro will be discussing his passion and skills at an upcoming talk on December 19th entitled Rangefinding. Using shots spanning from Arizona and Utah, Mauro has captured various versions of stone from canyons. However, what makes these shots so stunning and unique is the dedication it takes to get them. Strategic planning and research went into the creation of these photos – resulting not just in the photos themselves, but also a photographer’s map of the sites and the best light on them.

With his Leica M240 in hand, Mauro woke up in the early hour of 3 am to drive and hike for miles in the dark, alone knowing only one thing: he needed a certain shot. Amongst the dark shadows of stone and sand he waited for the sunlight of dawn to graze across the monumental rocks. Later in the day, with the waning light, he repeated the process for yet another series of shots in different locations. You see, there might be only 10 minutes of exposure that can capture photos the way Mauro envisioned.

It is easy for many to say that it is the journey, not the destination, but Mauro’s tales are complete incarnations of this. If you would like to hear more about this photographers’ tales and learn a bit along the way, you can find more information through Leica Rome, where you must register for Mauro’s December 19th event (free).

Oh, and for those who already didn’t know this, yes this phenomenal artist is my husband.