A Peek Into My World | Studio ClaudiaPalmira

Here’s a few goings-on as of late out of my design and art studio.

Videos in Progress

I’ve collaborated with a wonderful up-and-coming videographer who is creating video content across some of the brands I run – including my own. For example, above, you can watch the process of creating an Iconic, from raw image to its final result. It’s been exciting to delve into this medium to create short promotional videos and video portraits – from concept, to script-writing to final output. Follow my YouTube channel for new content.

Works for the Home

The imagery around me fills my soul and constantly finds its way on to my canvases – digital and actual. For years I have taken these ideas and turned them into mixed media collages in the Iconics series, and now I am so excited to be introducing them into home décor. These limited editon prints of original paintings, created in a digital context –  add intrigue, color and design to an interior.  I call them digital etchings, and you can peruse them here. More to come for the home – please stay tuned.

My logo design for Rome Design Agency

Capturing Clients’ Audiences

Imagery is a powerful tool – it speaks to the subconscious and creates that sense of recognition. Helping someone find their voice through enchanting and powerful imagery is a part of my career I love. Utilizing branding and bringing it together to capture the audience in the best way possible is a rewarding aspect of my work – through logo design and website creation. For a limited time, I am offering a brand review – simply follow this link to participate.

My art is a reflection of my life around me. From my agency days in New York City to my current studio in Rome, art has been not just an outlet but a way of life. My vision is to have my works transcend commercial interactions, with a sense of depth and meaning behind them.