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Which one are you ?

You want a iconic design for your brand

You want silk scarves and artistic gift

You acquire contemporary art

Discover my world.

Art & design

Perhaps you are overwhelmed with today’s superabundant digital and hypervisual era. With readily available ideas, AI, social media presences and “experts” around every corner – it’s hard to narrow down what truly works best.

Design needs to feel contemporary and original, no matter what its style. An artistic edge can distinguish your vision or brand from the rest and bring clarity to your messaging. Make an impact through sheer visual boldness and give your brand the fighting chance it deserves!

This is where my artistic eye fuses with an entrepreneur’s innovation – not only to expand my clients’ ideas, but to transform them into a beautiful (successful!) reality.

I do this in a variety of mediums – whether it’s a bespoke website, a custom silk scarf or gift, a magazine design or an abstract canvas. Learn more through the companies I’ve founded.

Meet my team specializing in branding, digital marketing and websites
My line of luxury silk scarves and accessories. Custom collaborations are welcome
Visit the online gallery of my artwork

“Fascinated by the soul of a project that transcends superficial solutions and conventional attractiveness, I link unexpected elements, manifesting a concept simply and elegantly into visual form — this is the point and pleasure of my work.”


What you get with me – in a nutshell

An art director with the listening skills of a detective. An innovator who uses the best of what works. An artist with a passion for business. A woman who loves what she does.

Claudia Palmira

How do I keep artistry fresh?

The short answer – practice and collaboration!

The long answer –with a strong sense of curiosity and a passion for finding inner meaning, I am constantly gathering resources and toying with new ideas. But it’s my design for clients that culminates in magic – where artistry and business overlap. 

At the core I am an “unofficial” curator – the mash-up of a designer, artist and innovator. I manage all this through my design studio in Rome that doubles as the base for the agency I founded: Rome Design Agency

I share my ongoing observations on my Compendium – and more in-depth in my emails. Sign up here.

“What’s important to me is to share, and be inspired, and inspiring.”

– Diane Von Furstenberg

Beauty – each month

As with everything, I curate my inbox so that I receive what I truly want to interact with. My own newsletter is designed with that in mind – something that I would receive myself. It’s once per month, and it contains original artwork that “premieres” to my list first – along with some inspiring Musings on my life in Rome. I hope you join me…

What I am not.

After years in business for myself and in collaboration with many kinds of clients,  I know that I prefer to leave certain things up to professionals in those fields. I’ve gathered a group of smart collaborators who pick up where I leave off  – read about at Rome Design Agency.

I’m not a programmer. While I started my career coding my own designs, I’m not the one building databases or scripts for your site these days. At my Agency, our super-talented developers web design come to life.

I’m not a copywriter. I love great writing, and I’m a decent editor. I love brainstorming tag lines and unique phrases. I leave the hardcore writing up to my wordsmith collaborators.

I’m not a photographer. My husband is, and so are a few of my inner circle – photography surrounds me. I love and respect great photography. Besides those whom I hire locally, I have a personal list of greats around the world whom I hire for shoots. The portraits on this site were taken by Suzanne Preparata, Federico Zaza and Mauro Benedetti.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!”

-Milton Glaser

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