Vision Mapping Workshop – Self-Actualization Meets Creativity

I am so excited to announce that I will once again be holding a Vision Mapping Workshop this summer. Vision Mapping is such an important aspect to my life as a designer, and I truly have seen it bring joy and clarity not only to my life, but the lives of so many others.

In this fun and enlightening workshop, we will create personalized collages that represent your true desires. So you might be asking – “What is a vision map?” A vision map is a physical picture of your desired reality, custom created by you – that expresses your authentic self. Time and time again the self-actualizing process of vision mapping has uncovered the untapped desires that are creating yourself without you even knowing it.

We begin with a guided meditation. Then we proceed to the vision mapping process in three phases:

  1. Gathering your inspired imagery
  2. Arranging your images
  3. Finalizing your collage
  4. Making a Vision Action Plan (optional – must be booked as an individual session).

Following the creation of our individual maps, we will have a chance to share our work with the group. Vision maps can be focused on your life’s purpose, or on a particular aspect of your life: life’s purpose love career style home family Included in your Vision. You will feel the pleasure in cutting, arranging and pasting your collage. It is a masterpiece all your own that you will be able to reference from time-to-time or hang up in your home. You will walk away with a visual representation of your unconscious and a pathway to achieving your goals.

I can’t wait to share this amazing experience with you, as we collage with intention! Reserve your spot on the Eventbrite page, and prepare for truly intentional self-actualization and fun. After all, why should children be the only ones who get to create?