Valentino Couture 2018: A Spring Awakening of Fashion

There are few things more thrilling than a fresh new couture show, except maybe a fresh, new spring couture show. With the start of a new fashion season, gone are the muted monotones and dark palettes of winter, and in their place are the wildly vibrant colors + patterns of spring. This year, the Valentino Spring show was the one to capture and melt my designer heart.

With a color palette stitched together with my personal favorite palette: mint greens; tones of lavenders and cerulean blues; fuschia and of course pops of the designer’s signature red. Valentino accomplished more than just a spring line, but a new way for modern women everywhere to look at fashion. Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Valentino couture showed us all how to effortlessly approach and bring the fantasy of haute couture into our everyday wardrobe.

A bold blue trouser paired with an ostrich feather hat that ethereally floated over the model. A sweeping operatic, lavender cape combined with dark plum pants. A simple pale pink sweater donned with a drooping, architectural bow. All these pieces, and more, created a fantasia of down-to-earth dreaminess we all could (and should!) wear.

One aspect of the show that I loved the most though, and one many viewers didn’t see, was the thoughtful nod given to the hard-working specialists in the Valentino atelier. In honor of their superb talent and dedication, Piccioli named every piece after its maker – the men and women who made such an awe-strikingly beautiful show possible.

Being brilliantly dressed is more than just a smart piece. It’s about creating a conversation between you and the pieces you choose to wear. Valentino’s show accomplished just that. After seeing all the brilliant pieces, all I could think was “I can’t wait to play with that color palette.” Who knows, maybe some day you’ll see me walking down the via Cola di Rienzo with an ostrich feather hat of my own! One can dream, right?!