Tiny Canvas, Big Impact | Postcard Design

When I was a student, I envisioned curating my own museum filled with all my favorite artworks from every era of art history – including the now. To visualize my collection, I started acquiring art postcards.

Yes, each museum and gift shop sells these delectable windows into the artworld, and I am one of their biggest customers. But besides traditional art cards, I also love finding artiginal works and unique one-offs for my collection. Like a mini gallery curated by me for me, and whoever happened to wind up in my studio 

The postcard is one of my favorite mediums for artwork. Conveying so much in such a small space, they become a visual design history book. From Cubism to fashion, encompassing the movements of the time and the history behind them into a miniature snapshot.   

I also love making postcards with my own artwork. From the Iconics series is this Angel (Peace Offering) Card, inspired by a painting by Giotto. 

I love postcards not just for the opportunity for artistry to be seen from around the globe, but also the unexpected nature of them. When sent from a friend there amongst the piles of junk mail, bills and commercial filled ads, lies a small moment of beauty, artistry and connection.  

Perhaps now more than ever snail mail might be the best spark of creativity.