The Power of Finding Your Authentic Self

Our authenticity is always inside of us, and sometimes we simply need guidance to reconnect with it.”

– Valerie Simon

Throughout my life I feel as if the idea of discovering who you truly are is an event that seems to never end. It seems a daunting task, but I actually believe that the fact we can never truly pin down who we are is a beautiful testimony to human nature. We can never truly find ourselves only once because we are constantly growing, constantly changing, constantly finding different attributes of ourselves that create the design of our emotional DNA. What I do believe is daunting though is finding ways in which to unleash this authentic self and this growing idea of who we are. When you are younger there are new experiences, opportunities and pure curious resilience that allows you to find who you are. However, as you get older the ability to find these mediums to unleash deeper thinking into your being are lost and we find a daily routine that may make us happy, but it doesn’t challenge ourselves against ourselves.

It is through this mind frame and the idea of unleashing our inner self that Restart Retreats was born. Restart Retreats is a retreat in the countryside of Tuscany co-created by therapist Valerie Simon and me with the goal of helping you unblock and deepen your personal vision for your life.

How often today are we allowed to leave responsibility behind and truly connect with ourselves? When was the last time you were able to unabashedly say I want this, I feel this, and I am this with no hindrance or worry of what others may say? Restart Retreats offers you the opportunity to do just that and more by finding out what it is your goal is.

There is a type of therapy that has gone under the radar called Psychodrama. Now I am completely aware this title sounds like the next Quentin Tarantino movie to hit theatres, but it actually is an effective way to unleash what is holding you back in your personal life.

While I have endless amounts of positive things to say about Psychodrama therapy, I feel it is best to leave it to Valerie Simon to explain it best.

“Psychodrama helps people unblock emotions that are stored in the body, and anchors us more in the present. It frees up our spontaneity and creativity and relieves us from any old wounds that are buried deep inside us, sometimes unbeknownst to us. I have watched people transform with this powerful method and become more confident, fulfilled individuals. In my own psychodrama training, which is completely experiential, I have watched my own life blossom as well, and I am so grateful to be able to share my knowledge!”

Psychodrama therapy is just one of the many workshops and methods that have been added to the “Awakening the Authentic Self” schedule. I have worked countless hours with Valerie to bring this exclusive retreat to the beautiful countryside of Tuscany because I strongly believe this project to be one of the most fulfilling I have worked on, not only for myself, but all those who take advantage of it.

It only takes one opportunity and one deeply moving experience to change how you see your own world. Help yourself by delving into your soul’s desires in a safe beautiful space and emerge transformed.

For more information on pricing, Psychodrama therapy and the retreat itself just click here.