The Journey of Education

There are a plethora of journeys we are given to take in our life. When we are younger we fill our days and lifestyles on a constant path of learning, educating, and unfolding the world before us. When do these journeys of self-exploration stop though? Do they ever? The truth is they don’t have to stop! They can take on various twists and turns, maybe even transforming ourselves into the guide for someone else. Open City experiences is the opportunity to expand the lives and education of others.

Open City experiences is the new hub for cultivating the space of inspired learning and self-expansion in Rome, Italy. Combining courses, seminars, and workshops from world-class leaders, the varying curriculums offer participants the opportunity to explore their emerging selves. Open City offers not only a student experience, but also an opportunity for teachers as well.

Course and seminar topics range from business skills, artistic explorations to self-awareness practices. A vegan cooking seminar or a visual storytelling course will have a place alongside a breathing class or a personal branding panel.

Do you have a passion you want to explore? Do you have a skill you want to pass on to others? Are you simply seeking an exciting new journey for yourself? No matter which category you fall into Open City helps you uncover the excitement you not only desire, but require!

With the New Year 2018 quickly approaching, a stimulating new curriculum is in the works for Open City. If you are a passionate teacher, leader, or experience guide, help spread your ingenuity with engaging students. No matter what you want to expand upon, there is an individual whose interests will be intrigued by your expertise.

Education does not end when our years of schooling are done. It is a format of self-understanding that continues to guide us long beyond the buzz of school bells. If you’re ready to take the next step in your self-interest, whether as a teacher or student, you need to find the resources to do it. Open City is here to help you do just that.

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